"Ready to turn your makeup skills into a lucrative venture? Makeup Artists and Entrepreneurs: Unlock Your Beauty Empire! Become a makeup entrepreneur today! Launching our New 2023 Makeup Kits, and we want YOU to be part of our success story. Join our Ambassador Program to earn while you glam. Embrace the world of beauty entrepreneurship."


Collaborate with Infinite Chroma-Join our Embassador Program

Vizio Makeup Academy, renowned in the makeup industry for over a decade of makeup education, is delighted to unveil the Infinite Chroma Ambassador Program. Specifically designed for our esteemed students, seasoned makeup artists, and budding entrepreneurs, this initiative offers a 35% commission on each makeup kit or brush set sold through your unique promo code. Moreover, your clients will benefit from an impressive 50% discount on their purchases.

Additionally, for every individual you onboard to your network, you'll be credited with a 5% commission. Moreover, by tapping into the second layer of your network, you can further enhance your revenue by securing an added 2% commission on their transactions.


Influencers/ Bloggers - Infinite Possibilities: Elevate Your Content: The Makeup Kit Every Influencer Needs

Become an ambassador and collaborate on your channels to create breathtaking makeup looks with our unique makeup kit, unparalleled in the market. Creating makeup looks on your social media for all skin tones has often posed challenges. The Infinite Makeup Kit is designed to be inclusive of all skin tones.

The kit includes foundations, color correctors, highlight and contour shades, eye shadows, color pigments, blush, lipsticks, and an added bonus: the H2O Chromatic water-based formula palette tailored for avant-garde fantasy looks. This partnership not only positions you at the forefront of inclusivity but also empowers you to generate a wealth of blog content and diverse makeup creations with finesse.