Esthetician/ Cosmetology Schools

Discover the ultimate makeup kit for estheticians and beauty schools, designed for all skin types and tones.

With endless possibilities and a comprehensive SFX palette, our kit takes makeup classes to the next level. Elevate your school's value by including the Infinite Makeup Kit and Brush Set in your tuition. Students will be thrilled to learn they receive this exceptional kit as part of their education.

Introducing the game-changing makeup kit that opens the doors to infinite possibilities in beauty! Designed specifically for estheticians and beauty schools, our all-in-one makeup kit is a must-have for every aspiring artist. With a wide range of shades curated for all skin types and tones, say goodbye to the guesswork of finding the perfect makeup products.

What sets our makeup kit apart is its comprehensive inclusion of everything your students need to excel in their makeup classes. Alongside the essentials, we've thoughtfully included our SFX palette, allowing students to explore the fascinating realm of special effects and fantasy makeup application. This invaluable addition broadens their skill set and unlocks endless creative opportunities.

By incorporating our Infinite Makeup Kit and Brush Set into your tuition package, you not only enhance the value of your school's offerings but also provide your students with an exceptional advantage. Imagine their excitement when they discover that this top-of-the-line kit is included as part of their educational journey.

Not only does the Infinite Makeup Kit cater to diverse needs, but it also upholds the highest quality standards. Each product is meticulously formulated to ensure exceptional performance, long-lasting wear, and seamless application. Your students will experience the joy of working with professional-grade tools that deliver stunning results, building their confidence and expertise.

Join the ranks of leading beauty schools and estheticians who have embraced the power of the Infinite Makeup Kit. Elevate your curriculum and empower your students with this comprehensive set that transcends boundaries and fuels their artistic growth. Let their passion soar as they discover the limitless potential that lies within this remarkable makeup kit.