3D interactive

Explore the Infinite Chroma Makeup Kit in Stunning 3D

Delve into the vibrant world of our Infinite Chroma Makeup Kit with our interactive 3D viewer. Experience each of the seven color palettes, from Volume 1 to Volume 7, in exquisite detail. Here's how you can navigate and enjoy a seamless viewing experience:

  • Zoom In/Out: Use two fingers to pinch or stretch on your touchscreen device, or scroll with your mouse wheel to adjust the zoom and explore finer details or get a wider view of the palettes.
  • Navigate: Click and drag with your mouse or use your fingers to swipe in any direction to explore different angles and aspects of the color palettes.
  • Reset View: Click the 'Reset' button at any time to return to the initial view, giving you a fresh perspective to start exploring again.
  • Load Time: Please wait a few seconds for the content to download completely before interacting.

Immerse yourself in the rich colors and textures each palette offers in real-time, and discover your favorite shades in the Infinite Chroma collection.