Our Story

With over a decade in the global makeup education industry, Vizio Makeup Academy has launched its Infinite Chroma Makeup Kit and Brush sets. Years of fine-tuning, guided by invaluable feedback from our students, influential figures, and professional artists, have enabled us to craft a truly exceptional product. The Infinite Makeup Kit by Vizio Makeup Academy represents the pinnacle of our dedication to excellence.

This unique makeup kit, unparalleled in the market, can create infinite makeup looks, designed to be inclusive of all skin tones.

We hold the firm belief that makeup is an art form. Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to delve into their creativity. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, our Infinite Makeup Kit serves as your portal to boundless possibilities, enabling you to experiment, express, and accentuate your natural beauty.

Beyond offering a comprehensive range of colors and products, the Infinite Makeup Kit stands for top-tier quality. We've sourced only the finest ingredients and have joined hands with industry connoisseurs to ensure every component of the kit adheres to our rigorous standards in terms of performance and durability. With our professional-grade formulas and sumptuous textures, each application evolves into a lavish and transformative experience.

We extend an invitation for you to commence a voyage of creativity and perpetual inspiration with the Infinite Makeup Kit. Unfurl your imagination, celebrate your distinct beauty, and tap into the metamorphic prowess of this splendid assortment. Elevate your makeup artistry, and let the Infinite Makeup Kit be your reliable ally on the journey of self-expression and unbounded beauty."


 The word "INFINITE" suggests the user has limitless, immeasurable, boundless, unlimited, and complete freedom to experiment with different color combinations and effects.

The word "CHROMA" refers to the purity, intensity, or saturation of a color. It refers to how vivid or vibrant color appears and is often used to distinguish between shades or hues of the same color. The term is derived from the Greek word "CHROMA," which means "COLOR," and positions this kit as a versatile tool for creating a wide range of looks.


Anastasia Andreani