Tester Policy for Stores and Vendors

  1. Comprehensive Tester Setup and Display: Infinite Chroma collaborates with retailers for strategic placement of testers, ensuring they are prominently displayed and align with the brand's aesthetic.

  2. Advanced Hygiene and Sanitation Standards: We work together to establish and maintain advanced sanitation protocols, ensuring the highest level of hygiene for our testers.

  3. Expert Staff Training and Enhanced Customer Assistance: Infinite Chroma provides regular training for retail staff, focusing on product knowledge, hygiene best practices, and customer service excellence.

  4. In-Depth Customer Testing Guidelines and Education: Retailers are equipped with detailed guidelines for safe and effective product testing, complemented by educational materials from Infinite Chroma.

  5. Rigorous Quality Monitoring and Product Maintenance: We establish a joint system for the regular inspection and upkeep of testers, ensuring they are always in top condition.

  6. Dynamic Feedback Mechanism and Continuous Improvement: A collaborative feedback system is in place for gathering and implementing insights from both customers and staff.

  7. Collaborative Promotional and Educational Campaigns: Infinite Chroma and its retail partners organize promotional events and educational campaigns to highlight the features of the makeup kit.

  8. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: We commit to eco-friendly materials and practices in our tester program, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

  9. Regular Supply of Testers to Stores and Vendors: Infinite Chroma ensures a regular supply of testers to each store or vendor upon request, keeping the tester displays fresh and up-to-date with new product launches.

This policy is designed to guarantee a positive, informative, and safe experience with the Infinite Chroma Makeup Kit, fostering trust and loyalty in our brand.